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About Pluto TV

Pluto TV, a Paramount company, is the leading free streaming television service in America, delivering 200+ live and original channels and thousands of on-demand movies in partnership with major TV networks, movie studios, publishers, and digital media companies.


Pluto TV had its first rollout outside of the US in October 2018 when it launched in the UK on NOW TV and Roku devices with 13 curated live TV channels. Since launch, Pluto TV has expanded rapidly in the UK where it currently is additionally available on Amazon Fire TV and tablets, iOS, Android, and Samsung TV Plus. UK viewers now have a growing of over 60 live TV channels to choose from including original channels such as Pluto TV Movies, Pluto TV Kids and branded partner channels such as My5 Crime and Glory Kickboxing.


Germany and Austria followed in December 2018 with Switzerland added in September 2019. At launch in 2018, 14 live TV channels were available via the Sky Ticket TV Stick. Now, Pluto TV offers more than double the amount of live TV channels through Amazon Fire TV and tablets, iOS, Android, and Samsung TV Plus in all three markets. German-speaking audiences enjoy a variety of channel choices including original channels Pluto TV Animals and Pluto TV History alongside local branded partner channels such as MTV Pluto TV and Telenovela ZDF.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, Pluto TV has offices in New York, Silicon Valley, Chicago and Berlin.

Partner with us

Distribution Partnerships

Content Partnerships

Pluto TV combines the traditional entertainment and internet video that viewers love by partnering with media companies, brands and creators. Our lineup is continuously curated by people who know and love entertainment. Our 24/7 linear TV channels are based on mood and deep areas of interest like news, music, sports, comedy, gaming and much more. We are always looking for fresh content to add to the vast universe of entertainment available on Pluto TV.

If you are interested in distributing Pluto TV on your platform or device, content partnerships please contact:

Advertising Partnerships

Pluto TV combines the quality and ad-impact of traditional TV advertising with the measurement and targeting possibilities of online advertising. Our unique service and channels offer brands great opportunities for advertising partnerships and brand placements.

If you are interested in advertising or branding opportunities, please contact:

Our mission is to entertain the planet, which means working with the best content creators in the world and distributing their work across the best devices out there.

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